Friday, April 3, 2015

Francis of Assisi (1961) - (Bradford Dillman) US one-sheet

Francis of Assisi (1961) - (Bradford Dillman) US one-sheet

This is US 21" x 41" one-sheet poster for the 1961 Michael Curtiz film Francis of Assisi based on the novel The Joyful Beggar by Louis De Wohl, screenplay by Eugene Vale, James Forsyth and Jack W. Thomas and starring Bradford Dillman as Francis Bernadone of Assisi. Plot summary: The film tells the 13th Century story of the life of Francis of Assisi, the son of a wealthy cloth merchant in Assisi, who renounces his his worldy goods to dedicate his life to God. Delores Hart plays the part of Lady Clare of Assisi, who is inspired by Francis to become a nun. Off the screen, Hart actually did become a nun at the Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis in Bethlehem, Connecticut two years after the film's release. The film covers Assisi's departure from the army at the urging of an inner voice, his imprisonment for desertion, his pardon by Count Paolo of Vandria [Stuart Whitman] at Clare's behest, and then his establishment of an order with the pope's blessing.

Cast and crew: Bradford Dillman, Ludwig Von Wohl, Eugene Vale, James Forsyth, Jack W. Thomas, Michael Curtiz, Louis De Wohl, Eugene Vale, Dolores Hart, Stuart Whitman, Cecil Kellaway, Eduard Franz, Athene Seyler, Finlay Currie, Mervyn Johns, Russell Napier, John Welsh, Harold Goldblatt, Edith Sharpe, Jack Lambert, Oliver Johnston, Malcolm Keen, Pedro Armendariz

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