Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Final Countdown (1980) - (Kirk Douglas) Spanish one-sheet

The Final Countdown (1980) - (Kirk Douglas) Spanish one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Spanish poster with a design derived directly from that of the US poster for the 1980 Don Taylor film the Final Countdown based on a story by Thomas Hunter, Peter Powell, David Ambrose and Gerry Davis, screenplay by Thomas Hunter and Peter Powell and starring Kirk Douglas as Captain Matthew Yelland. Plot summary: This film was made aboard the USS Nimitz super carrier in full cooperation with the US Navy, which even hung its poster in US Navy recruiting offices soon after release. The film tells the story of the Nimitz being unexpectedly caught in a time storm and then transported back to December 6 1941, the day before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The first inkling that something strange has happened comes when the ship picks up Jack Benny and Roscoe on its AM radio. There is disagreement about whether the ship has really gone back in time until the Japanese fleet is found on its way to Pearl Harbor and two F-14s from the Nimitz shoot down two Japanese A6M Zeros.

Cast and crew: Don Taylor, Thomas Hunter, Peter Powell, David Ambrose, Gerry Davis, Kirk Douglas, Katherine Ross, Martin Sheen, Ryan O'Neal, Charles Durning, Victor Mohica, James Coleman, Soon-Tek Oh, Joe Lowry, Alvin Ing, Mark Thomas, Harold Bergman, Dan fitzgerald, Lloyd Kaufman

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