Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Red Pony (1949) - (Robert Mitchum) Undated Mexican rerelease one-sheet

The Red Pony (1949) - (Robert Mitchum) undated Mexican rerelease one-sheet

This is an undated 27" x 36.5" Mexican rerelease one-sheet poster designed by Vidal for the 1949 Lewis Milestone film The Red Pony based on novella and screenplay by John Steinbeck and starring Robert Mitchum as Billy Buck. Plot summary: Billy Buck helps Tom Tiflin [Peter Miles] raise and train a pony he has received as a gift from his father [Sheppert Strudwick]. When the pony gets out of the stable and dies Tom blames Billy; Billy feels remorse and decides to make amends by giving Tom another colt.

Cast and crew: Robert Mitchum, Myrna Loy, John Steinbeck, Lewis Milestone, Louis Calhern, Shepperd Sgtrudwick, Peter Miles, Margaret Hamilton, Patty King, Jackie Jackson, Beau Bridges, Don Reynolds, Nino Tempo, Tommy Sheridan

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