Monday, December 14, 2015

A Rage to Live (1965) - (Suzanne Pleshette) US Insert

A Rage to Live (1965) - (Suzanne Pleshette) US Insert

This is a 14" x 36" US insert poster for the 1965 Walter Grauman film A Rage to Live based on a the 1949 novel by John O'Hara with screenplay by John T. Kelley and starring Suzanne Pleshette as Grace Caldwell Tate. Plot summary: Grace Caldwell's sexual indiscretions threaten to destroy the reputation of her wealthy conservative family. She marries Sidney Tate [Bradford Dillman] and has a son with him, but problems arise later when she is seduced by contractor Roger Bannon [Ben Gazzara].

Cast and crew: Suzanne Pleshette, Bradford Dillman, Ben Gazzara, Walter Grauman, John T. Kelley, Nelson Riddle, John O'Hara, Peter Graves, Bethel Leslie, Carmen Mathews, Linden Chiles, James Gregory, Ruth White, Mark Goddard, Sarah Marshall, George Furth, Virginia Christine hr>

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