Sunday, February 28, 2016

Juan Colorado (1966) - (Antonio Aguilar) Mexican one-sheet

Juan Colorado (1966) - (Antonio Aguilar) Mexican one-sheet poster

This is a 27" x 37" Mexican poster designed by A.M. Chacho and Ars Una to promote the 1966 Miguel Zacarias film Juan Colorado based on a story by Miguel Zacarias, screenplay by Alfred Zacarias and starring Antonio Aguiliar as Juan Lorenzo de la Riba (Juan Colorado). Plot summary: Juan Colorado is about to end his relationship with Silvia Guerrero [Maria Duval] but she insists Juan must marry her to save her hnoor, even though she is engaged to Rafael Ortigoza [Carlos Agosti]. After her father's plan to murder Juan and his father Don Artemio fails and she is tricked into believing Juan Lorenzo is dead, Sylvia feels obliged to marry Rafael.

Cast and crew: Antonio Aguilar, A.M. Chacho, Miguel Zacarias, Maria Duval, Elsa Cardenas, Flor Silvestre, Mary Castell, Norma Navarro, Crox Alvarado, Antonio Raxel, Jose Baviera, Carlos Agosti

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