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Forbidden Desires رغبات ممنوعة (Shadia) - (1972) Egyptian one-sheet

Forbidden Desires (1972) - (Shadia) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is an Egyptian promotional poster designed by Gasour and Anise for the 1972 110-minute Ashraf Fahmy color film Forbidden Desires [raghabat mamnu'a] starring Shadia based on a story by Hanifa Fathy with screenplay and dialogue by Sabry Moussa and cinematography by Mohsen Nasr. Plot summary: Tafida [Karima Mokhtar] was a young woman of breathtaking beauty but her brother Ahmed Atia al-Gablawy [Hussein Fahmy] put strict controls on her; She was forced to flee those restraints so she could marry the man she loved, whom her brother had forbidden her to marry. When she arrived at the shipping yard in Alexandria where she had agreed to meet her beloved she was surprised to find someone attacking him, and the attacker killed him as soon as he saw her. She tried in vain to save him but he died from the stab wounds all over his body. Tafida went back to her brother's home, her clothes stained with the blood of her beloved; her brother's daughter Samia [Shadia] was upset at the sight of the blood and screamed. The days passed and it seemed as if Tafida had become deranged after seeing her beloved killed before her eyes. Her brother Atia got her a room far away from his home close to the docks and he did not allow her to see anyone or anyone to see her. Atia al-Gablawy was a hard-hearted man whose human emotions were all dead, but despite that he was quite possessive. For example he refused to allow his daugher Samia to attend school because he didn't want anyone to see her. She lived in ignorance and felt very bad because of that. He sent his son to school to learn the sciences that would qualify him to help at the factory he had established, but Ahmad continued his studies and enrolled at the faculty of fine arts to study art, unbeknownst to his father. Ahmed fell in love with a classmate named Azza [Mervat Amin] and they decided to marry. Naturally with their marital plans Azza learned everything about Ahmed and he learned everything about her. Azza decided to do a graduation project at the college about the docks area in Alexandria and Ahmad encouraged her. He even invited her to live with his family so she could complete her studies. Azza went to the docks area near Alexandria while Ahmad happened to be with his father at the factory. She was surprised to see Samia; he had not known she was her brother's classmate and was even educated, after being sentenced to ignorance by her father. She made a show of welcoming her and while she was preparing a room for her Azza walked around the house. She wandered into the room where Tafida was staying and screamed in fright at the sight of her. Tafida screamed more loudly and the panic spread. Atia and his son Ahmad happened to arrive at the same time, and Ahmad welcomed Azza. He introduced her to his father who also welcomed her; this calmed her after the shock of seeing Tafida. Despite Atia Al-Jablawy's show of welcoming his son's classmate, he watched her closely so she would not discover the truth about him or what drove Tafida crazy, and especially the fact that the one who had killed Tafida's beloved was the husband [Ezzat Abdel Gawad] of the maid Shawq [Aida Abd el Aziz]. Because he feared that discovery, he also concealed his feelings from his children and behaved in an exemplary way in front of them. It was of the utmost importance to Azza that the father know the nature of her relationship with Ahmed's daughter, who deeply loved him. She insisted on revealing to Ahmad's father their agreement to travel to Europe to complete their studies, but Ahmed was reluctant to do this because he knew about his father's ethics and tyranny. However because of Azza's insistence he had to tell the truth to his father, who erupted in anger and decided to break up their relationship no matter what the cost. In the meantime the criminal who had killed Tafida's beloved had finished his sentence and was about to get out of prison; his wife was afraid because she had been in a sinful relationship with Atia al-Gablawy [Mahmoud El-Meliguy] throughout the period of her husband's absence. She decided to ask for a divorce. The father did not care about that because he was preoccupied with his son's relationship with his friend Azza. When Azza saw the father's control over his son she decided to return to Cairo immediately; one day Ahmed came across the place where his father had been meeting the maid Shawq, and just then his sister Samia came upon the same scene!

Cast and crew: Ashraf Fahmy, Hassan Mazhar Gasour, Morteda Anise, Hanifa Fathy, Shadia, Mervat Amin, Hussein Fahmy, Youssef Sha'ban, Tewfik El Dekn, Mohsen Nasr, Sabry Moussa, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Aida Abdel Aziz, Karima Mokhtar, Mokhtar Al Sayed, Abdel Azim Sa'ad, Ezzat Abdel Gawad, Anwar Al-Askari, Aly El Cherif, Mohamed Khalil

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