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Between Two Palaces بين القصرين (dir: Hassan Al Imam) - (1964) Egyptian one-sheet

Between two Palaces (1964) - (dir: Hassan Al Imam) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a poster designed by Ragheb for a 1964 Hassan Al Imam film based on the 1956 Naguib Mahfouz novel Between two Palaces [bayn al-qasrayn] which was published as the first of the three novels in his famous Cairo Trilogy. Plot Summary: In 1914 Fahmy [Salah Kabil] joined a secret national society where Ibrahim [Ezzat El Alaili] welcomed him. His brother Yassine [Abdel Moneim Ibrahim] was in love with one of the dancers and the entire family trembled at meeting his father Sayed Abdel Gawad, [Yehia Chahine] especially his wife whom he had married 20 years earlier divorcing the mother of his oldest son Yassine. Outside the home Yassine was corrupt and weak. He owned a grocery store and had begun looking for a new lover to replace the dancer Galia [Mimi Shakeeb] who had gotten old. He liked Zubaida [Maha Sabry] and gave her everything she wanted. He would go to her secretly and there Yassine discovered the truth about his father. Sayed Abdel Gawad was a respected man in his own home. He would eat alone while his wife and children would wait until he finished before eating. His wife Amina, [Zouzou Nabil] his daughters Aisha [Hala Fakher] and Khadija [Soheir El-Bably] and his sons Kamel, Yassine and Fahmy stood in awe of their father. Yassine was a secretary at the Benin school and Famy was a student at the Law College. He wrote political publications, distributed them among colleagues and hid them in the poultry coops on the roof of his home. At the same time this was an opportunity to see his neighbor Mariam [Zizi El-Badrawy]. He loved her but preferred to postpone the relationship with her until after he completed his studies and the British left Egypt. Kamal was a student in secondary school and participated in many demonstrations. When Sayed Abdel Gawad learned his former wife and Yassine's mother wanted to marry again he sent her son to her to try to persuade her not to do so but he discovered she had already married, quarreled with her and left. Yassine wanted a few days with Zubaida the dancer. He told his family he was going to Port Said and asked them not to leave the house. However Kamal persuaded his mother to visit the shrine of Sayedna al-Hussein, but she was injured on the way and despite the advice of her children not to tell their father she told him the truth. He banished her and then made peace with her again. Latifa [Souraya Fakhry] engaged her two daughters to her sons. Yassine married Zeinab and Fahmy was killed when the British soldiers shot at the demonstrators.

Cast and crew: Naguib Mahfouz, Yehia Chahine, Maha Sabry, Hassan Al Imam, Mustafa Hassan, Salah Kabil, Zizi El-Badrawy, Wagdy El-Araby, Nimat Mukhtar, Hala Fakher, Ezzat El Alaili, Soheir El-Barouni, Mohamed Reda, Mimi Shakeeb, Souraya Fakhry, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Zouzou Nabil, Amal Zayed, Soheir El-Bably, Badr El Den Gamgome, Abbas El Daly, Adib El Tarabolsy, Mounir El Touni, Ibrahim El-Shamy, Metwaee Elweiss, Ibrahim Heshmat

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