Sunday, July 7, 2013

Brave Young Girls (1990) - (Yukari Oshima)

Brave Young Girls [Hei hai wang hua] (1988) - (Yukari Oshima) Egyptian film poster

This is an Egyptian poster for a low-budget Hong Kong girls-with-guns movie about a Chinese girl who goes to Hong Kong illegally looking for work then ends up as a prostitute. She later becomes part of an unlikely partnership with a Japanese female cop in an armed fight against bad guys. Judging from the kinds of posters one finds lying around in various places, his type of dime-a-dozen film was regular box office fare in Cairo at one time, not just from Hong Kong but also from Pakistan, Turkey, India and mainland China. Reminds me of my early teenage years when I'd go see anything showing at the only theater in my town if the advertising looked exciting. The film was directed by Bong Luk, with poster art by Morteda Anise, an artist who designed many posters in Cairo for foreign films. It was printed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour's company Arab Cinema Printers, and the art was probably also commissioned by Mr. Gasour. Cast and crew: Bong Luk, Kam Bo Luk, Daniel Mintz, Yukari Oshima, Kara Hui, Tien-Lang Li, Chi Chun Ha, Jo-Jo Ngan, Pui-Kei Chan, Kwok Kuen Chan, Hsi Chang, Chu-Fung Cheung, Tao Chiang, Kit Fong, Biu Gam, James Ha, Chiang Han, Pak-Kwong Ho

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