Thursday, July 4, 2013

Target Eagle (1982) Egyptian one-sheet

Target Eagle (1982) - (Jorge Rivero) Egyptian film poster

This Egyptian poster is for the a film made in Spain in 1982 directed by Jose Antonio de la Loma called Jugando con la muerte with the two English titles Target Eagle or Hit Man. A police undercover agent infiltrates a gang of heroin smugglers and then discovers the heroin smuggling is a front for smuggling uranium to Libya for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. The poster art was done by Moaty with printing by al-Nasr printers. Cast and crew: Robert Avard Miller, Carlos Vasallo, Jose Antonio de la Loma, Jorge Rivero, Chuck Connors, George Peppard, Max von Sydow, Aldo Piras, Maud Adams, Susana Dosamantes, Jose Maria Blanco, Jose Antonio Ceinos, Aldo Piras, Jose Maria Canete, Frances Ondiviela, Roser Ferrer, Riad Abdul Macuid, Kamel S. Monsour

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