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Magic Man (1976) - (Cuneyt Arkin) Egyptian film poater

Magic Man (1976) - (Cuneyt Arkin) Egyptian one-sheet

This is an Egyptian poster for the 1976 Natuk Baytan and Ernst Hofbauer Turkish film Magic Man [Karamurat] starring Cuneyt Arkin. The poster was printed by Anwar Printers with art by Ahmed Fouad. Uncle Hugo from the Czech Republic wrote a nice review of the film for IMDB: The main benefit of this adventure movie with plentiful kung-fu fights is the eponymous hero's way of kicking and beating as many villains as possible. Kara Murat uses an unusual martial art to accomplish his mission- to defeat an evil governor of certain district of Turkey,whose assassins kidnapped Kara Murat's brother and killed brother's wife. Although there is very little blood or gore present in all fight scenes, some techniques employed by Kara Murat bring a new perspective to the genre of kung-fu films. Our action hero seems to be capable of levitation as his whole body in horizontal position hits villains and puts them to sleep. Karat Murat also possesses extraordinary strength that allows him to throw enemies around and a specific sense of humor resulting in various comedic action scenes such as a villain's pants falling down and revealing the naked truth after the stroke of Kara Murat's sword, Kara Murat using vegetables as weapons or a bad guy having his set of false teeth removed during a confrontation.Another thing worth mentioning is a character entitled "Angel Face", an incredibly tall and ugly villain who eventually becomes Kara Murat's ally. All in all, despite some technical shortcomings and a cameraman's shadow clearly visible on one occasion, the creators succeeded in putting together an enjoyable action-adventure with a dash of comedy, kung-fu and Ali Baba's Forty Thieves.

Cast and crew: Natuk Baytan, Ernst Hofbauer, Cuneyt Arkin, Daniela Giordano, Pasquale Basile, Yavuz Selekman, Huseyin Alp, Kadir Savun, Turgut Ozatay, Atilla Ergun, Erdogan Tunas, Fuad Ozluer, Bora Ayanoglu, Arab Celal, Aktar Durukan, Suheyl Egriboz,Mumtaz Ener, Ihsan Gedik

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