Monday, July 22, 2013

St. Helens (1981) - (Art Carney)

St. Helens (1981) - (Art Carney) Egyptian film poster

This is an Egyptian poster for the 1981 Ernst Pintoff film St. Helens, which dramatizes the March 1980 eruption. I haven't seen the film, but I saw the eruption when it happened from downtown Portland Oregon, as did everyone else in most of Oregon. It stopped traffic and people stood on the sidewalks and stared at that giant column of ash reaching way, way up into the distant skies. Then for days afterwards they were collecting little ash samples from the pavement. It was a real show-stopper. It didn't really disrupt much of anything in Portland, but it did keep most people from concentrating on what they were supposed to be doing.

Cast and crew: Ernest Pintoff, Michael T. Murphy, Larry Sturholm, Art Carney, David Huffman, Cassie Yates,Albert Salmi, Ron O'Nearl, Tim Thomerson, Bill McKinney, Redmond Gleeson, Nehemiah Persoff, Brendan Burns, Henry Darrow, Dan Chambers, Van Hurst, Biff Manard, Joseph Benti, Clark Christiansen

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