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Lace دانتيلا (Youssra) - (1993) Egyptian one-sheet

Lace (1993) - (Youssra) Egyptian one-sheet

Shown here is a 27.5" x 39.25" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda to promote the 1993 117-minute Inas Al Degheidy color film Lace [dentelle] starring Youssra based on a story by Hala Sarhan, screenplay and dialogue by Rafiq As-Sabban, Inas Al Degheidi and Mostafa Moharram and cinematography by Maher Rady. Plot summary: A little rich girl named Maryam (Ilham Shaheen) was about to drown in the ocean but a poor little girl named Sahar al-Layali (Youssra) saved her; this became the foundation of a firm friendship which continued until Maryam grew up and became an attorney. Sahar al-Layali went from singing popular youth songs at weddings, then at circuses and then in cabarets. She sang well enough that she became a radio singer, but when she hit someone with her fast automobile Maryam came to rescue her at the police station. There they met a police officer named Hossam (Mahmoud Hemida). They all three fell in love and became a tight threesome. Then Maryam, seeing that they were in love, left Sahar al-Layali and Hossam to go their own way. She decided to marry a businessman named Wagdi and went to live with him in Canada. Hossam was hurt by Maryam's departure but he married Sahar al-Layali. Maryam's marriage failed, and after three months she got a divorce and went back to Cairo. Then Hossam and Maryam got married too after a long hesitation, with the consent of Sahar al-Layali. He divided his time between them according to a timetable, but this undermined Maryam's working life; she lost an important case and her client was condemned to death. Hossam neglected his job for a month, Sahar al-Layali was fired from the hotel where she was singing, their beautiful friendship was lost and problems overtook their lives. Maryam got pregnant and Sahar discovered she was sterile. She got into an automobile accident and miraculously escaped death. Hossam decided to divorce Maryam and Sahar al-Layali so he could go back to being friends with both of them without any more quarreling, but Maryam had a baby girl and decided to raise her without any contact with the father! The soundtrack includes a brief audio clip of Joe Cocker singing Randy Newman's "I Know What Love Is."

Cast and crew: Inas Al Degheidy, Mahmoud Hemida, Ilham Shaheen, Youssra, Mahmoud Kabil, Maher Rady, Hala Sarhan, Rafiq As-Sabban, Mostafa Moharram, Ezzat El-Meshad, Sayed Gabr, Lidia, Amru Youssri

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