Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mountain Tough Guy فتوة الجبل - (Farid Shawqi) - (1982)

Mountain Tough Guy [futuwwet al-gabal] (1982) - (Farid Shawqi) Egyptian film poster

Shown here is a 13.5" x 19.5" poster designed by Sami to promote the 1982 105-minute Nader Galal color film Mountain Tough Guy [futuwwet al-gabal] starring Farid Shawqi with story, screenplay and dialogue by Abdel Hai Adib based on the Eugene O'Neil play Desire under the Elms with cinematography by Ibrahim Saleh. Plot summary: The wealthy Hassan was unable to get close to the dancer Aziza, who rejected him, but Hassan asked her father for hand and her father agreed because there was money involved and he needed some money. This disrupted the plans of Sekina, the widow of Hassan's brother, who had been hoping to marry Hassan. Meanwhile Sekina's son Omar was in love with Aziza and he promised to marry her somehow. They kept meeting even though Omar was torn between loyalty to his uncle who had educated him and his love for Aziza. Aziza asked Hassan for a divorce, because he had promied he would give her a divorce after she had a child, but he refused to keep his promise. She confessed to him that she was in love with Omar, but when Hassan learned this he decided to kill Omar. When Aziza tried to save Omar she killed her husband accidentally. Omar was angered by this and killed her. Then the police came and arrested Omar.

Cast and crew: Nader Galal, Farid Shawqi, Eugene O'Neil, Desire under the Elms, Abdel Hai Adib, Ibrahim Saleh, Bussy, Farouk Al-Fishawy, Zahrat El-Ola, Saleh al-Iskandarani, Abol Fotouh Omara, Soheir Zaky

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