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Journey of Life رحلة العمر (Shams El-Barudy) - (1974) Egyptian one-sheet

Journey of Life (1974) - (Shams El-Barudy) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Abdel Aziz to promote the 1974 87-minute Saad Arafa color film Journey of Life [rahlet al-omr] starring Shams El-Barudy and Ahmed Mazhar based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Saad Arafa with cinematography by Ahmed Dia Al-Mahdi. Plot summary: Salwa was a girl of foreign extraction who lived with her aunt in Cairo. She was a girl with a liberal perspective who loved a boy her age named Essam. They agreed to spend a few days at Sidi Abdel Rahman. Salwa went ahead and reserved an adjoining room for him. However Essam went early too because of a soccer match. Mahmoud, a bank manager, also arrived at the hotel and the booking agent asked Salwa to let Mahmoud use the room she had reserved for Essam, because he was used to using it every day. Mahmoud was married to Madiha, who had gone to the country to spend a few days with her family. Mahmoud and Madiha had a boring life together. Salwa tried to get Mahmoud interested in her and they were soon involved in a torrid affair. When Essam arrived at the hotel Salwa rejected him, and he went back to Cairo to finish his vacation there. Salwa and Mahmoud also went back to Cairo. Mahmoud tried to resume his life with his wife, but could not do so, because when he went back home he discovered she had left when she found out about the relationship with Salwa. Then he tried to go back to Salwa, but she rejected him.

Cast and crew: Shams El-Barudy, Ahmed Mazhar, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Ahmed Louxor, Saad Arafa, Ahmed Dia Al-Mahdi, Ali Kemal, Naima Wasfy, Salama Elias, Samia Rushdy, Hamdy Youssef, Mokhtar Al Sayed

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