Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Struggle for Life معركة الحياة Hussein Sedki (1951)

Struggle for Life (1951) - (Hussein Sedki) Egyptian oversize film poster

Pictured is a 46.75" x 34.75" Egyptian poster by an unknown artist for the 100-minute black-and-white Hussein Sedki film Struggle for Life starring Hussein Sedki based on a screenplay by Hussein Sedki with cinematography by Mohamed Abdel Azim with dialogue by Abdel Moniem Shaker. Plot summary: Ahmed worked successfully at a law firm. His brother Fadel worked in a factory. The two of them were different on religious matters because Ahmed was a firm religious believer while Fadel was a materialist. He married Samia, the daughter of the owner of the factory where he worked, because he was hoping to get some of her father's money. When he got one of his fellow workers fired, his brother Ahmed agreed to defend the worker in court, but Fadel plotted to have the worker kidnapped to prevent him appearing in court to defend himself. Ahmed married a woman named Fathia and had a child, while Fadel and Samia lived a life of luxury and partying. Then Fadel became ill and died and Ahmed became trustee of his family affairs. Samia objected to this, but finally went insane in a mental hospital.

Cast and crew: Hussein Sedki, Abdel Moniem Shaker, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Samiha Tewfik, Hassan Fayek, Stafan Rosti, Stefan Rosti, Nazok, Zaki Ibrahim, Souraya Fakhry, Mohammad al-Dib, Kitty, Mohamed Abdel Azim

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