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Life and Hope (1961)

Life and Hope [hayat wa amal] (1961) - (Imane) Egyptian film poster

This is a picture of a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mohammad Aziz to promote the 1961 95-minute Zoheir Bakir black-and-white film Life and Hope [hayat wa amal] starring Imane based on story and screenplay by Zoheir Bakir with dialogue by Adly Nour and cinematography by Ali Hassan. Plot summary: The famous soccer player Kamal married Salwa, the daughter of an industrialist, while at the same time her cousin was wanting to marry her. The two lived happily, then Kamal went abroad to play in a tournament. The plane crashed and everyone was killed except Kamal, who landed on the coast of Lebanon. A Lebanese girl picked him up, took him to her family and discovered he had lost his memory. She took care of him, and in his new identity he fell in love with her. Then they married. Back in Egypt after Salwa learned he had died she agreed to a paper marriage to her cousin. The years passed and Kamal became a success. He went to Egypt with his second wife to to sign a contract for a special deal in the textile business. Salwa saw him there and tried to tell him the truth, but his Lebanese wife kept a watch on this. Kamal didn't return to his original identity until he had been injured in an automobile accident. Then the Lebanese wife went back to her country after deciding to sacrifice her husband, and Kamal went back to Salwa.

Cast and crew: Imane, Ahmed Ramzy, Nagwa Fouad, Zoheir Bakir, Mahmoud Azmy, Abdel Ghani Kamar, Abdel Moneim Ibrahim, Ahmed Mazhar, Ali Hassan, Julia Daw, Adly Kasseb, Nahed Samir, Mohamed Reda, Mohamed Al-Tayeb, Adly Nour, Yasmin, Ahmed Abu'ebia, Ebtesam Helmy, Abu Lam'a, Dr. Shadid, Kamal Al-Zeyni

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