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Struggle of the Professionals [صراع المحترفين] (Rushdy Abaza) - (1969)

Struggle of the Professionals [sera' al-mohtarefin] (Rushdy Abaza) (1969) Egyptian film poster

This is a picture of a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Wahib Fahmy to promote the 1969 102-minute Hassan El-Seify black-and-white film Struggle of the Professionals [sera' al-mohtarefin] starring Rushdy Abaza and Naglaa Fathy based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Fayek Ismail with cinematography by Mohamed Emara. Plot summary: Gharabawy Bey [Mahmoud El-Meliguy] is the owner of a fishing fleet in the Abu Qir district of the Governorate of Alexandria. He is actually a smuggler being sought by an officer named Wahid [Rushdy Abaza], working undercover disguised as a Dr. Fathy, who is trying to get close to the smuggler's daughter Leila [Naglaa Fathy]. There is a temporary love triangle when Garabawy Bey's wife Ashgan [Nagwa Fouad] also tries to rekindle an old romance with Officer Wahid, but after Wahid has a one-man fist fight against the entire gang and is temporarily a captive on one of their boats, the police arrest the smugglers and Leila and Wahid end up getting together.

Cast and crew: Mohamed Emara, Rushdy Abaza, Naglaa Fathy, Nagwa Fouad, Mahmoud El-Meliguy, Tewfik El Dekn, Hassan El-Seify, Nazim Shaarawy, Abdel Khalek Saleh, Fayek Ismail, Mohamed Emara, Ibrahim Saafan, Kawsar Shafik, Samir Shadid, Iskandar Mansi, Seif Allah Mokhtar, Abbas Rahmy

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