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Hope against Hope [لا تطفئ الشمس] (Faten Hamama) - (1961)

Hope against Hope [la tutfi al-shams] (Faten Hamama) (1961) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Mahmoud Atef to promote the 1961 137-minute Salah Abouseif black-and-white film Hope against Hope [la tutfi al-shams] starring Faten Hamama based on story and dialogue by Ihsan Abd al-Qudus, screenplay by Lucien Lambert and cinematography by Abdelhalim Nasr. Plot summary: This film is set in the time of the Tripartite Aggression; it tells the story of an aristocratic family that has lost its breadwinner. The oldest son Ahmed [Shukry Sarhan] enlists in the Egyptian army and is shown in desert military action, but in his civilian life he slowly develops a relationship with the a woman named Shahira [Nadia Lutfi], which ends in marriage after a few relatively minor complications. The daughter Layla [Faten Hamama] falls in love with her piano teacher [Imad Hamdi], who is married. This relationship is fraught with difficult moral and social problems that are never resolved. The younger son Mamdouh [Ahmed Ramzy] is more concerned with the practical matter of earning a livelihood; he serves a vehicle for showing how class and social issues in Egypt can disrupt productive economic activity.

Cast and crew: Salah Abouseif, Faten Hamama, Imad Hamdi, Nadia Lutfi, Ahmed Ramzy, Shukry Sarhan, Ihsan Abd al-Qudus, Lucien Lambert, Helmy Halim, Abdelhalim Nasr, Aqila Ratib, Laila Taher, Samiha Ayyoub, Shirin, Mohammed Alwan, Omar Zolficar, Mohamed Hamdi, Abdel Khalek Saleh, Ya'qub Michail, Amru Targoman, Adel Al-Mahilmi, Abdel Aziz Mikawi, Nesim Shehab, Alaa Badredin, Salah Musa, Laila Sadeq

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