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I Love You Only [احبك انت] (Farid Al Atrache) - (1949)

I Love You Only [ahebak enta] (1957) - (Farid Al Atrache) original Egyptian two-piece 33x46 film poster

I Love You Only [abebak enta] (Farid Al Atrache) (1957) original Egyptian 23.5x35 stone litho film poster

Pictured art two first-printing Egyptian posters designed by Studio Adly and Ahmed Fouad to promote the 1949 113-minute Ahmed Badrakhan black-and-white film I Love You Only [ahebak enta] starring Farid Al Atrache and Samia Gamal based on story and dialogue by Youssef Gohar with screenplay by Ahmed Badrakhan and cinematography by Ahmed Khorshed. Plot summary: Monir [Farid Al Atrache] was an insignificant employee at the Telegraph Company, and an artist: a musician who had never found a place for himself. He met a dancer named Nadia [Samia Gamal] and they fell in love, but Monir soon became jealous of Nadia's dancing teacher Ghazal [Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy] and ended his relationship with her. He met a girl named Souraya [Zeinat Sedki] who was about to commit suicide because her father [Hassan Fayek] was forcing her to marry someone she did not love. Monir saved her from doing that, but her fiance immediately disliked him. It later became apparent Monir had no interest in marrying Souraya and he went back to Nadia after his faith in her love was restored. His father financed his production of a big musical, which was an outstanding success.

Cast and crew: Ahmed Badrakhan, Farid Al Atrache, Samia Gamal, Ismail Yasseen, Hassan Fayek, Zeinat Sedki, Lola Sedki, Abdel Salam Al Nabulsy, Ahmed Khorshed, Youssef Gohar, Stephan Rosti, Mahmoud Choukoukou, Souraya Helmy, Sanaa Samih, Mohamed al-Dib, Abdel Moneim Ismail, Ali Qadri

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