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Thirsty [عطشانة] (Elham Shaheen) - (1987)

Thirsty [Atshana] (Elham Shaheen) - (1962) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1987 92-minute Mustafa Al Saiid color film Thirsty [atshana] starring Elham Shaheen based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mohammad al-Basusi with cinematograpy by Mohamed Khalil. Plot summary: Samia [Elham Shaneen] married her colleague Salah [Hesham Selim] and they lived together in Salah's home with his parents. Salah worked in an attorney's office. Samia was harassed by her mother-in-law Hosnia [Khayria Ahmed]. Samia worked at a company owned by Moharram [Hussein El-Sherbini], a businessman, who wanted her, adding to the problems Samia was having because of Hosnia's harressment. Samia turned against Salah and demanded a divorce, which he gave her. Moharram offered to marry Samia and she agreed. Then she discovered Moharram's poor ethics, his relations with numerous women and his use of narcotics. Hosnia regretted the way she had treated Samia and asked her son Salah to bring her back. Salah met with Samia without realizing she had married Moharram; he learned about her difficult life with her husband. Salah started a law firm, became successful and got his own apartment. Moharram died and Samia inherited his wealth. Her friend Ezzat advised her to go back to Salah. She initially rejected this because she was enjoying her freedom, but she eventually changed her mind and went back to him.

Cast and crew: Mustafa Al Saiid, Elham Shaheen, Hesham Selim, Hussein El-Sherbini, Khayria Ahmed, Abu Lamaa, Nada, Mohamed Ahmed al-Masri, Wasila Hussein, Mona Darwish, Ezzat Sherif, Fatma Eid, Neda Mostafa, Aliah Hamed, Shafiq al-Shayeb, Bassam Ragab, Youssef Eid, Rashwan Mostafa, Matawei Eweis

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