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A Very Hot Day [يوم حار جدا] (Sherihan) - (1995)

A Very Hot Day [yawm har giddan] (Sherihan) - (1995) Egyptian film poster

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda Anis to promote the 1995 92-minute Mohamed Khan color film A Very Hot Day starring Sherihan based on a story by Mohamed Khan with screenplay by Zeinab Aziz and cinematography by Kamal Abdel Aziz. Plot summary: This film tells the story of the discovery of an unsuspected betrayal in an Egyptian marriage. Gharib returned to Egypt for a short vacation in Cairo after being away for eight years. On that very hot day while he was talking with a friend on a public telephone he saw a pretty girl have her bag stolen. Gharib chased the thief and got the bag, but then could not not find the girl. He found her name and number inside the bag. He called the number and a businessman named Dia answered the call. Dia believed Gharib was someone with whom he had made an agreement to kill his wife Hoda; this was because Dia had exposed himself to a huge financial obligation and his wife was refusing to help him. Dia gave Gharib his home address and the key to his apartment so he could do the job. Gharib followed Hoda to tell her he was supposed to kill her by agreement with her husband, and an instant bond of affection was established between them. Dia contacted his wife to express regret but his wife refused his apology and decided to leave him. She left the marriage home to go with Gharib on a journey to change the direction of their lives forever.

Cast and crew: Sherihan, Mahmoud Hemida, Mohamed Khan, Mohamed Fouad, Zeinab Aziz, Mufid Ashour, Azza Bahaeddin, Khairy Beshara, Kamal Abdel Aziz, Menha al-Batrawy, Alaa Walieddin, Menha Zeytoun, Awatef Helmy, Zeinab Aziz, Ezzat Bahaeddin, AWatef Helmy, Menha Zeytoun

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