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Wahiba Queen of the Gypsies [وهيبة ملكة الغجر] (Kouka) - (1951)

Wahiba Queen of the Gypsies [wahiba maliket al-ghajar] (Kouka) - (1951) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 23" x 35" original Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour to promote the 1951 Niazi Mostafa 111-minute black-and-white film Wahiba Queen of the Gypsies [wahiba maliket al-ghajar] starring Kouka based on a story by Mohammad Kamel Hassan with screenplay by Niazi Mostafa, dialogue by Bayram El Tounsi and cinematography by Wuhan. Plot summary: Adham Bey expelled a group of gypsy farmers from their land and the gypsies, led by Qandil, responded by kidnapping his little girl. Adham's son Sherif [Gamal Fares] and his friends began looking for the girl. Wahiba [Kouka], the leader of the gypsies, disguised herself as a pretty girl and had a meeting with Sherif. The two of them fell in love and decided to marry, even though gypsy traditions were a barrier to such a marriage. The situation became more difficult when Sherif realized that the pretty girl he loved was just a gypsy and was unacceptable to his family, and he decided to call off the marriage. Wahiba went to Cairo to break into show business as a singer and a dancer with the help of a friend named Mahrous [Abdel Aziz Mahmoud]. She met Sherif there again after she had begun to make a name for herself and no longer dressed or acted like a gypsy. He did not know her at first; then he recognized her and realized she was none other than Wahabia herself, the queen of the gypsies; they reconciled and married, but the experience had taught Sherif a hard lesson.

Cast and crew: Niazi Mostafa, Muhammad Kamel Hassan, Saad Abdel Wahab, Mahmoud Choukoukou, Sophie Dimitry, Gamal Fares, Wedad Hamdy, Zaki Ibrahim, Aida Kamel, Kouka, Abdel Aziz Mahmoud, Bayram El Tounsi, Fouad Al-Rashidi, Rafia al-Shal, Zaki Ibrahim, Sharif Hamouda, Abdel Hamid Badoaha

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