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The Three Faces of Love [انف وثلاث عيون] (Magda) - (1972) Egyptian one-sheet

The Three Faces of Love [انف وثلاث عيون anf wa thalath oyoun] (1972) - (Magda) Egyptian one-sheet

Pictured is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Anise to promote the 1972 129-minute Hussein Kamal color film The Three Faces of Love [انف وثلاث عيون anf wa thalath oyoun] starring Magda based on a story by Ihsan Abd al-Qudus with screenplay and dialogue by Assem Tawfiq and Mostafa Kamel and cinematography by Abdelhalim Nasr. Plot summary: This film is epic soap opera featuring a long convoy of unhappy relationships, distraught relatives and manipulative spouses backed with a maudlin soundtrack. Dr. Hashem [Mahmoud Yassine] is a successful physician who meets many women because of his profession, among them Amina [Magda], who has recently divorced. Amina has loved Dr. Hashem since before her marriage and has been unable to forget him even though he has always told her he was not created for marriage, so she goes to see him at his apartment. Dr. Hashem asks Amina to leave because he is afraid her presence in his apartment will hurt his reputation. This is devastating to Amina, but she does as requested. Hesham proposes marriage to a patient named Nagwa [Naglaa Fathy] but she refuses because she is already in a common law relationship with another man [Salah Nazmi], which is not going well. Amina marries someone else [Hamdy Ahmed] but that marriage fails because her heart is not in it, and she goes back to Hesham. Hesham does not reject her but remains involved with Nagwa without telling her about it. There is a scene in a public place when she sees them together, etcetera etcetera.

Cast and crew: Naglaa Fathy, Mervat Amin, Mahmoud Yassine, Hussein Kamal, Magda, Ihsan Abd al-Qudus, Abdelhalim Nasr, Assem Tawfiq, Mustafa Kamel, Salah Mansour, Hamdy Ahmed, Aziza Helmy, Ehsan Sherif, Fatheya Chahine, Salah Nazmi, Galal Issa, Etedal Shaheen, Kawsar al-Assal, Naima Al Soghayar, Mohammed Abaza, Mostafa Kamel

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