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Vengeance [الثار] (Mahmoud Yassine) - (1984)

Vengeance [al-thaar] (Sabah) - (1950) Egyptian film poster

This is a 27" x 39" Egyptian poster designed by Hassan Mazhar Gasour and Morteda Anis to promote the 1984 88-minute Mohamed Khan color film Vengeance [al-thar] adapted from the 1958 Henry King film The Bravados based on the 1958 Frank O'Rourke novel of the same title, starring Gregory Peck as Jim Douglass. This Mohamed Khan adaptation is based on screenplay and dialogue by Fayez Ghaly with cinematography by Said Sheimy. Plot Summary: When Engineer Ahmed [Mahmoud Yassin] exited a cinema with his pregnant wife Neda, [Youssra] four youths accosted them. They attacked Ahmed and kidnapped his wife. Ahmed notified the police but he could not remember the make of the automobile or its plate number. Neda went to the hospital after having a miscarriage. Ahmed decided to take his own revenge. He killed three people but was arrested before he could commit a fourth crime. He discovered he had killed innocent people and that the police had arrested the real criminals.

Cast and crew: Mohamed Gebril, Reda Hamed, Hamdi El-Wazir, Mahmoud Yassine, Farouk Youssef, Badriya Adbel Gawad, Youssra, Mohamed Khan, Fayez Ghaly, Adel Borham, Ibrahim Qadry, Mokhtar al-Sayed, Moheb Kaser, Sayed al-Hanawi, Samia Mokaram, Mostafa Kemal, Hamdy Youssef, Said Sheimy, Shaaban Hussein, Frank O'Rourke, Henry King

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