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Torrent of Tears [عاصفة من الدموع] (Farid Shawqi) - (1979)

Torrent of Tears [assefa min al-demou'] (Farid Shawqi) - (1979) Egyptian film poster

Pictured is a 27" x 29" Egyptian poster designed by Mohamed Abdel Aziz and Wahib Fahmy to promote the 1979 Atef Salem 120-minute color film Torrent of Tears [assefa min al-demou'] starring Farid Shawqi based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Mustafa Samy, with cinematography by Mahmoud Nasr. Plot summary: When the secretary Aziza [Nahed Gabr] went to Essam [Farid Shawqi] to marry him after promising herself to him and becoming pregnant by him, Essam refused the marriage and married his client Enayat [Laila Taher] instead. Aziza died giving birth to her daughter Hedia [Hala Fouad]. An elderly neighbor named Abdullah [Abdel Waress Assar] took over the care of her daughter. Aziza had told him the girl's father was a big attorney, but refused to mention his name. The years went by and at a party Salwa [Shirin] the daughter of the attorney Essam became engaged to Tareq [Emad Rashad] who did not feel any love towards her, only the common interests between the two parents. Tareq actually loved Hedia, who had gotten involved in a relationship with him after he had pledged to marry her, but his father refused to allow the marriage. Hedia discovered she was pregnant. Kindly old Abdullah learned this and sued Tareq; he engaged the biggest attorney in the country, Essam, to defend Hedia. While Essam was preparing the case Abdullah told him about Hedia's life, her mother and how she had left her with Abdullah. Essam advised Tareq to marry Hedia so she would not suffer any longer and to relieve his conscience, which had been bothering him these many years while he had been looking for his daughter.

Cast and crew: Farid Shawqi, Laila Taher, Omar El-Hariri, Mariam Fakhr Eddine, Atef Salem, Emad Rashad, Shereen, Abdel Waress Assar, Mahmoud Nasr, Mustafa Samy, Nahed Gabr, Shirin, Hala Fouad

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