Monday, May 25, 2015

Endless Night (1967) - (Hayley Mills) Belgian poster

Endless Night (1910) - (Hayley Mills) Belgian poster

Pictured is a 14" x 22" Belgian poster for the 1971 Sidney Gilliat film Endless Night based on the 1967 novel by Agatha Christie with screenplay by Sidney Gilliat and starring Hayley Mills as Fenella 'Ellie' Thomsen. Plot summary: Ellie is a wealthy heiress who helps her new husband Michael Rogers [Hywell Bennett] realize his dream of owning a magnificent home at a favorite spot on England's Devon coast. However they build on a piece of land called 'Gypsy's Acre' that is believed to be cursed. After Ellie is killed in a horse riding accident, Michael struggles to recover despite being haunted by her image while new backstory details emerge about Ellie and her friend Greta [Britt Ekland].

Cast and crew: Hayley Mills, Agatha Christie, Hywell Bennett, George Sanders, Britt Ekland, Frank Launder, Sidney Gilliat, Per Oscarsson, Aubrey Richards, Ann Way, Patience Collier, Peter Bowles, Lois Maxwell, David Bauer, Helen Horton, Madge Ryan, Windsor Davies, Walter Gotell

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