Thursday, May 14, 2015

Girls for Pleasure [Dossier Prostitution] (1969) - (dir: Jean-Claude Roy) Belgian poster

Girls for Pleasure (1969) - (dir: Jean-Claude Roy) Belgian poster

This is a 14" x 22" Belgian poster made to promote the 1969 Jean-Claude Roy 87-minute color film Girls for Pleasure [Dossier Prostitution] based on the book by Dominique Dallayrac and starring Katia Tchenko as Monique. Plot summary: This is a documentary about international prostitution, seen from a clinical perspective that seeks to analyze the sexploitation trade economically as a business, both among heterosexuals and homosexuals. The film is not a real documentary since actors and actresses play the parts of the prostitutes, but the narrative gives a factual chronological overview of prostitution and its activity during the last century as described in Dallayrac's book. Individuals involved in all aspects of the business are described and interviewed, including pimps, madams, prostitutes and even a cross-dressing male; cultural variations in several countries are shown along with a number of specialized fetishes, organizational practices and pricing levels used for a range of social classes.

Cast and crew: Jean-Claude Roy, Jean-Philippe Ancelle, Line Arnel, Valerie Boisgel, Michel Carrel, Dominique Dallayrac, Tatia Tchenko, Beatrice Cardon, Valerie Boisgel, Michel Dacquin, Liane Marelli, Edith Ploquin, Line Arnel, Dominique Paturel, Jean-Philippe Ancelle, Miclel Charrel, Adrien Cayla Legrand, France Durin, Marc Dudicourt, Christian Forges

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