Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Human Cargo (1954) - (Micheline Presle) Argentine one-sheet

Human Cargo (1954) - (Micheline Presle) Argentine one-sheet

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1954 Pierre Chevalier film Human Cargo original French title Les Impures, a film noir thriller written by Juliette Sainte-Giniez and starring Micheline Presle as Michele. Plot summary: Mario [Raymond Pellegin] has been released from prison and resolves to make a new beginning with his wife, but then discovers she has not waited for him. In his bitter disappointment he abandons thoughts of trying to build an honorable life and starts working for a white slave operation. His first job is to seduce Michele, a Montmarte singer and hostess, and trick her into taking work as a prostitute in Tangier. The plan breaks down when Mario falls is love with Michele and realizes he cannot go through with the deception. However the gang steps in and forces her to go to Tangiers anyway. For more on this film see Les Impures by James Travers at Films de France.

Cast and crew: Juliette Sainte-Giniez, Micheline Presle, Raymond Pellegrin, Pierre Chevalier, Dora Doll, Rene Sarvil, Lila Kedrova, Bill Marshall, Jacques Duby, Daniel Cauchy, Guy Mairesse, Collette Castel, Laurence Badie, Teddy Bilis, PaulDemange, Jo Dest, Charles Dechamps, Pierre Leproux

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