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Magnificent Obsession (1954) - (Rock Hudson) Italian four-sheet

Magnificent Obsession (1954) - (Rock Hudson) Italian four-sheet

This is a 55" x 77" two-piece Italian four-sheet poster for the 1954 Douglas Sirk film Magnificent Obsession based on the 1929 book of the same title by Lloyd C. Dougles, screenplay by Wells Root, Sarah Y. Mason, Victor Heerman and Finley Peter Dunne and starring Rock Hudson as Bob Merrick. Plot summary: Bob Merrick is a spoiled playboy who has to be resuscitated using the only resuscitator available on a lake where he has recklessly lost control of his speedboat. During Merrick's resuscitation, Dr. Wayne Phillips has a heart attack and dies because the resuscitator is not available to save him. The doctors and nurses blame Merrick for inadvertently causing Dr. Phillips's death. Merrick lives in the shadow of this guilt and resolves to try to emulate the late Dr. Phillips in fulfillment of his legacy, but the first thing he does after making this resolution is to cause Dr. Phillips's widow Helen [Jane Wyman] to be blinded in a traffic accident. Merrick is in love with Helen and arranges for her to go to Europe for diagnosis by the world's best eye surgeons, who declare that she has no hope of recovery. Merrick later becomes an accomplished brain surgeon by applying Dr. Phillips's secret of success, as explained by his best friend Edward Randolph [Otto Kruger]. The application of this secret becomes Merrick's "magnificent obsession."

Cast and crew: Robert Blees, Wells Root, Victor Heerman, Sarah Y. Mason, Finley Peter Dunne, Rock Hudson, Douglas Sirk, Lloyd C. Douglas, Jane Wyman, Barbara Rush, Agnes Moorhead, Otto Kruger, Gregg Palmer, Paul Cavanagh, Sara Shane, Richard H. Cutting, Judy Nugent, Helen Kleeb, Rudolph Anders, Fred Nurney, John Mylong, Alexander Campbell

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