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Island of Lost Souls (R1950s) - (Charles Laughton) Argentine one-sheet

Island of Lost Souls (R1950s) - (Charles Laughton) Argentine one-sheet

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine duotone undated rerelease poster for the 1932 Erle C. Kenton film Island of Lost Souls based on the 1896 H.G. Wells novel The Island of Dr. Moreau, screenplay by Waldemar Young and Philip Wylie and starring Charles Laughton as Dr. Moreau. Plot summary: Edward Parker [Richard Arlen] has been shipwrecked. He is picked up by a freighter on its way to a remote South Sea island with a shipment of animals. After a dispute the freighter's captain tosses Parker onto a boat owned by Montgomery [Arthur Hohl] and Dr. Moreau, who owns the island. After reaching the island Parker witnesses Dr. Moreau conducting a strange surgical procedure without anesthesia and decides to leave, but is headed off by a group of beast-men men emerging from the jungle. Dr. Moreau tells Parker that Lota [Kathleen Burke], a native woman Parker meets in a controlled encounter, is the only woman on the island; Moreau does not mention he has created Lota from from a panther. He considers Lota his most nearly perfect creation and is pleased to see her becoming more like a real human because of her attraction to Parker. To make sure Parker does not go away, Moreau destroys the boat on which he was to have left the island. Ruth Thomas [Leila Hyams], Parker's fiancee, learns his whereabouts from the freighter captain and sets out to find him on the island with the help of Captain Donahue [Paul Hurst].

Cast and crew: Erle C. Kenton, Waldemar Young, Philip Wylie, H.G. Wells, Bela Lugosi, Charles Laughton, Richard Arlen, Leila Hyams, Kathleen Burke, Arthur Hohl, Stanley Fields, Paul Hurst, Hans Steinke, Tetsu Komai, George Irving

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