Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Vampire and the Ballerina (R1962) - (Helene Remy) US three-sheet

The Vampire and the Ballerina (R1962) - (Helene Remy) US three-sheet

This is a 41" x 81" US three-sheet poster made to promote a 1962 rerelease of the 1960 Renato Polaselli film The Vampire and the Ballerina AKA L'amante del vampiro based on story and screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi, Giuseppe Pellegrini and Renato Polaselli and starring Helene Remy as Luisa. Plot summary: A troupe of beautiful young dancers is stranded in an old castle; the castle is inhabited by vampires the dancers do not recognize at first.

Cast and crew: Helene Remy, Ernesto Gastaldi, Giuseppe Pellegrini, Maria Luisa Rolando, Walter Brandi, Tina Gloriani, Ernesto Castaldi, Renato Polselli, Isarco Ravaioli, Gino Turini, Pier Ugo Gragnani, Brigitte Castor, Lut Maryk, Obretta Ostenda, Bava Sanni, Marisa Qattrini, Giorgio Braccesi, Titti Valeri, Stefania Sabatini, Franca Licastro

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