Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Turning Point (1952) - (William Holden) Argentine one-sheet

The Turning Point (1952) - (William Holden) Argentine poster

This is a 29" x 43" Argentine one-sheet poster for the 1952 William Dieterle film The Turning Point based on the Horace McCoy novel Storm in the City, screenplay by Warren Duff and starring William Holden as Jerry McKibbon. Plot summary: Los Angeles District Attorney John Conroy [Edmond O'Brien] is trying to crack down on a crime syndicate, but the syndicate has many city officials under its control. Newspaper man and old friend Jerry McKibbon helps him, but he does not think Conroy is up to the job. The film was inspired by Senator Estes Kefauver's committee hearings in 1950-1951 on organized crime.

Cast and crew: William Dieterle, Horace McCoy, Warren Duff, William Holden, Edmond O'Brien, Alexis Smith, Tom Tully, Ed Begley, Danny Dayton, Adele Longmire, Ray Teal, Ted de Corsia, Don Porter, Howard Freeman, Neville Brand

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