Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tropic Zone (1953) - (Ronald Reagan) Belgian poster

Tropic Zone (1953) - (Ronald Reagan) Belgian poster

This is a 21.5" x 13.75" hand litho Belgian poster designed by Wik for the 1953 Lewis R. Foster film Tropic Zone based on the novel of the same title by Tom Gill, screenplay by Lewis R. Foster and starring Ronald Reagan as Dan McCloud. Plot summary: Dan McCloud turns against his corrupt employer Lukats, [John Wengraf] who has a large banana plantation and wants to corner the market. McCloud joins Flanders White, [Rhonda Fleming] a smaller grower, in an effort to organize workers and stop Lucats.

Cast and crew: Tom Gill, Ronald Reagan, Wik, Rhonda Fleming, Estelita Rodriguez, Noah Beery Jr., Grant Withers, Lewis R. Foster, John Wengraf, Argentina Brunetti, Rico Alaniz, Maurice Jara, Pilar Del Rey

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