Thursday, June 30, 2016

A Gypsy in Love (1974) - (Samira Tawfik) الغجرية العاشقة Lebanese one-sheet

A Gypsy in Love (1974) - (Samira Tawfik) Lebanese one-sheet

Pictured is a 26" x 37.5" Lebanese one-sheet poster designed by Hassan Fatouni for the 1974 film A Gypsy in Love [al-gagharia al-asheqa] based on story, screenplay and dialogue by Reda Myassar and Said El-Maghrebi starring Samira Tawfik as Layla. Plot summary: Layla was a Gypsy girl who fell in love with a boy from the city. All the people of her tribe were against it, so she ran away with him and they married.

Cast and crew: Rida Myassar, Adib Qadurah, Seifeddine, Nagwa Fouad, Samira Tawfik, George Khouri

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