Thursday, June 9, 2016

Enter the Lady Boxer (1990) - (Moon Lee) Lebanese one-sheet

Enter the Lady Boxer (1990) - (Moon Lee) Lebanese one-sheet

This a 27.25" x 39" Lebanese poster for the 1990 Ricky Lau film Enter the Lady Boxer AKA The Nocturnal Demon AKA Demon Intruder written by Lai Ling Cheung and Wing Keung Lo and starring Moon Lee as Wawa Chai. Plot summary: Chai-Wai Ting [Alfred Cheung] bears a strong resemblance to a psychotic serial killer [Wing Cho] and now with the help of his kickboxing expert cousin Wawa Chai he must catch the killer to prove his innocence.

Cast and crew: Mona Lee, Moon Lee, Ricky Lau, Alfred Cheung, Lam Kout, Billy Lau, Lai Ling Cheung, Wing Keung Lo, Anthony Chan, Siu-Ho Chin, Isabella Chow, Kau Lam, Billy Lau, Hoi Mang, Richard Ng, James Tien, Siu Ming Tsui, Barry Wong, Siu-King Wong, Fung Woo

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