Thursday, June 9, 2016

Antar in the Land of the Romans عنتر في بلاد الرومان (Muhammad Melva) - (!974) Egyptian one-sheet

Antar in the Land of the Romans (1974) - (Muhammad Melva) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 25.5"x 37" Egyptian poster for the 1974 Orhon M. Ariburnu film Antar in the Land of the Romans written by Orhon M. Ariburnu and Seyet Mogribi and starring Mohammad Melva as Antar. Plot summary: This film, like a number of other similar titles, borrows the name of the historic Arab literary figure Antarah ibn Shadad for use as the name of the hero in a cheap peplum production. During a phantasmagoric series of hazardous bouts with sorcerers and awkward martial stunts, evil aristocrat Claudia sets her sights on Antar when he visits Rome but is unable to separate him from his true love Abla.

Cast and crew: Orhon M. Ariburnu, Muhammad Melva, Abdullah Favaz, Silvana Bedrana, Tuba Cetin, Yesim Tan, Yavuz Selekman,Yesim Soydan, Memduh Unsal, Mukremin Sumlu, Aydemir Akbas, Filiz Alpan, Rahmi Aydin, Gul Banu, Vicki Blom, Burcin Bozhan, Canan Candan

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