Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Meet Fol ميت فل Sherihan 1995 Egyptian one-sheet

Meet Fol (1995) - (Sherihan) Egyptian one-sheet

This isa 27" x39" Egyptian poster designed by Morteda for the 1995 film Meet Fol AKA Great! a comedy written and directed by Raafat El-Mihi and starring Sherihan as Dalal. Plot summary: Kamal [Hesham Selim] was working as a porter in a hotel. He fell in love with Dalal, a secretary there, but they lied to each other constantly. He claimed he was from a wealthy family, but the truth of the matter became known after they were married. They were later adopted as brother and sister by a wealthy benefactor, who did not know they were married. Kamal was known to their benefactor as Meet Fol, while Dalal was known to him as Safia.

Cast and crew: Rafaat El-Mihi, Hassan Hosny, Achraf Abdel Baqi, Sherihan, Hesham Selim

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