Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Paws (1997) - (Billy Connolly) Egyptian poster

Paws (1997) - (Billy Connolly) Egyptian film poster

This is an 18.75" x 26.75" Egyptian poster for the 1997 Karl Zwicky film Paws based on a story by Harry Cripps and Karl Zwicky, screenplay by Harry Crips and starring Billy Connolly as the voice of PC. Plot summary: PC is a talking Jack Russell Terrier who can design programs on a computer. The dog and his pal Zac [Nathan Cavaleri] work together on program that can translate dog speech into English.

Cast and crew: Karl Zwicky, Harry Cripps, Billy Connolly, Nathan Cavaleri, Emile Francois, Sandy Gore, Joe Petruzzi, Caroline Gillmer, Rachael Blake, Freyya Meere, Norman Kaye, Kevin Golsby, Richard Carter, Julie Godfrey, Nick White, Gezelle Byrnes, Ben Connolly

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