Friday, November 4, 2016

Shanghai Surprise (1986) - (Sean Penn) Egyptian video poster

Shanghai Surprise (1986) - (Sean Penn) Egyptian one-sheet

This is a 24.5" x 38" Egyptian video poster designed by R. Casaro for the 1986 Jim Goddard film Shanghai Surprise based on the 1985 Tony Kenrick novel Faraday's Flowers, screenplay by John Kohn and Robert Bentley and starring Sean Penn as Glendon Wasey. Plot summary: In Shanghai, Glendon Wasey is trying to make a living selling flourescent neckties. He meets missionary nurse Gloria Tatlock [Madonna] and decides to try to help her acquire stolen drugs to satisfy the needs of her patients for pain killers.

Cast and crew: John Kohn, Robert Bentley, Sean Penn, Madonna, Jim Goddard, Paul Freeman, Richard Griffiths, Philip Sayer, Clyde Kusatsu, Kay Tong Lim, Sonserai Lee, Victor Wong, Tony Kenrick, Professor Toru Tanaka, Michael Aldridge, Sarah Lam, George She, Won Gam Bor, To Chee Kan

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