Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Fighting Texan (1947) - (William Boyd) Mexican one-sheet

The Fighting Texan (1947) - (William Boyd) Mexican one-sheet

This listing uses the English Title given on the poster, but the 1947 name of the film this poster was intended to advertise was originally Strange Gamble, AKA El Texano Intrepido. The title Fighting Texan shown on the poster was the 1952 US TV title. Plot summary: While investigating a counterfeiting case, Hoppy discovers that the counterfeiter is actually a good guy being held hostage by criminals who are forcing him to do the printing.

Cast and crew: George Archainbaud, Doris Schroeder, William Boyd, Elaine Riley, Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks, Lewis J. Rachmil, Clarence E. Mulford, Jemas Craven, Robert Williams, Alberto Morin, Joel Friedkin, Herbert Rawlinson, Francis McDonald, William F. Leicester, Joan Barton, Lee Tung Foo

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