Thursday, January 4, 2018

Horizon افق Jahanbakhsh Soltani 1989 Iranian film poster

Horizon (1989) - (Jahanbakhsh Soltani) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.75" x 37.5" Iranian poster for the 1989 film Horizon written and directed by Rasool Mollagholi Poor and starring Jahanbakhsh Soltani. Plot summary: A group of basiji and revolutionary guard divers equip themselves to destroy the al-Amieh Pier. A combatant named Nosrat is solely responsible for identifying and photographing the pier. His fellow combatant Ahmad, who knows Nosrat is sick, follows him. They are surrounded by the enemy. Ahmad helps Nosrat escape but is himself arrested and killed. With the information that Nosrat is in the hands of the combatants, the Al-Amieh Pier is destroyed.

Cast and crew: Rasool Mollagholi Poor, Jahanbakhsh Soltani, Ali Sajjadi Hosseini, Mehrzad Nooshirvan, Javad Hashemi, Hamid Salehin, Habib Allahyari

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