Monday, January 22, 2018

The Old Testament 1963 Brad Harris Italian locandina

The Old Testament (1963) - (Brad Harris) Italian locandina

This is a 14" x 27" Italian locandina poster designed by Rodolfo Saspaez for the 1963 Gianfranco Parolini film The Old Testament based on a story by Ghigo De Chiara, Luciano Martino and Giorgio Prosperi, screenplay by Gianfranco Parolini and starring Brad Harris as Simone. Plot summary: After being driven out by the Syrians, the Jews of Jerusalem return to reclaim the city.

Cast and crew: Gianfranco Parolini, Ghigo De Chiara, Luciano Martino, Giorgio Prosperi, Brad Harris, Ivano Staccioli, Franca Parisi, Mara Lane,Philippe Hersent, Carlo Tamberlani, Jacques Berthier, Djordje Nenadovic, Ivy Stewart, Enzo Doria, Ignazio Dolce, Isaroco Ravaioli, Vladimir Leib, Niksa Stafanini, Giuseppe Mattei

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