Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Rider on the Rain 1970 Charles Bronson Italian Locandina

Rider on the Rain (1970) - (Charles Bronson) Italian locandina

This is an original folded 14" x 27" Italian locandina poster for the 1970 Rene Clement film Rider on the Rain AKA Rain AKA Le passager de la pluie AKA L'Uomo Venuto Dalla Pioggia based on screenplay and dialogue by Sebastien Japrisot and starring Charles Bronson as Colonel Harry Dobbs. Plot summary: In the south of France in the early 1960s, US Colonel Harry Dobbs is trying to find an escapee from a US military prison who has attacked and raped three women. One of the victims is Mellie [Marlene Jobert]; Mellie has killed a man who was not her rapist and dropped the body off a cliff into the sea. Mellie believes the man she shot was her rapist until she learns the truth from Colonel Dobbs, who knows the identity of the real rapist.

Cast and crew: Rene Clement, Ahmed Fouad, Marlene Jobert, Charles Bronson, Annie Cordy, Jill Ireland, Ellen Bahl, Viviane Chantel, Pierre Collet, Steve Eckhardt, Jean-Daniel Ehrmann, Jean Gaven, Marika Green, Connie Marchand, Marc Mazza, Marcel Peres, Jean Piat, Gabriele Tinti, Sebastien Japrisot, Lorenzo Ventavoli

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