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Jafar Khan is Back from America جعفر خان از فرنگ برگشته Reza Arham Sadr 1985 Iranian film poster

Jafar Khan is Back from Europe (1985) - (Reza Arham Sadr) Iranian one-sheet

This is a 26.5" x 38" Iranian poster designed by Bateni for the 1985 Ali Hatami film Jafar Khan is Back from America written by Hassan Moghadam and starring Reza Arham Sadr. Plot summary: Jafar Khan, the son of Haj Akbar, returns from America. When his father sees his unconventional appearance he realizes he will need to use fire and water to make Jafar look presentable. The father's efforts are unsuccessful because the government gives Jafar room to put his ideas into practice. Jafar becomes an agent for making Jafarabad, which has been renamed as Newjef, into an industrial city and a space where the residents can be put to work implementing Jafar's programs making his ideal society. When Haj Akbar is unable to bring Jafar in line and learns he has married a American girl, he has a heart attack and on Jafar's advice is sent an asylum instead of a hospital. However the psychologist decides to look after him at home. In his father's absence Jafar Khan implements his programs. With help from the psychologist and the hospital doctor Haj Akbar regains his health and musters opposition to Jafar. After Jafar sets the people of the village against each other, the country drops the goal of being like America.

Cast and crew: Ali Hatami, Hassan Moghadam, Reza Arham Sadr, Ezzatolah Entezami, Jahangir Forouhar, Mohamad Ali Keshavarz, Iraj Rad, Hosein Sarshar

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