Sunday, April 22, 2018

Don't Torture a Duckling 1972 Florinda Bolkan Italian locandina

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Don't Torture a Duckling (1972) - (Florinda Bolkan) Italian locandina

This is a 13" x 27.5" Italian locandina poster for the 1972 Lucio Fulci film Don't Torture a Duckling AKA Non si sevizia un paperino based on a screenplay by Lucio Fulci, Roberto Gianviti and Gianfranco Clerici and starring Florinda Bolkan as Maciara. Plot summary: The remote village of Accendura is beset with murders, superstition and witchcraft. The police and the village priest have their hands full trying to keep order.

Cast and crew: Lucio Fulci, Roberto Gianviti, Gianfranco Clerici, Florinda Bolkan, Barbara Bouchet, Tomas Milian, Irane Papas, Marc Porel, Georges Wilson, Antonello Campodifiori, Ugo D'Alessio, Virgilio Gazzolo, Vito Passeri, Rosalia Maggio, Andrea Aureli, Linda Sini, Franco Balducci

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