Monday, April 9, 2018

The Stud Farm 1979 dir: András Kovács Polish poster

The Stud Farm (1979) - (dir: Kovacs) Polish poster

This is a 26" x 37" Polish poster designed by Lech Majewski for the 1979 film The Stud Farm AKA A ménesgazda written and directed by András Kovács and starring József Madaras as Busó Jani. Plot summary: The film is set in 1950 when a communist director is sent to take over management of a stud farm. The staff resists his efforts, sometimes with violence, because it does not like the changeover to communism.

Cast and crew: András Kovács, Lech Majewski, József Madaras, Ferenc Bács, Ferenc Fábián, András Ambrus, Csongor Ferenczy, István Gyarmati, András Csiky, Levente Bíró, Marianna Moór, Erzsi Pásztor, Irén Bordán, Ilka Petur, Sándor Horváth, Károly Sinka, Nándor Tomanek

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