Saturday, April 7, 2018

Hyena Sun 1977 Mahmoud Moursy Polish poster

Hyena Sun (1977) - (Mahmoud Moursy) Polish poster

This is a 22" x 31" Polish poster designed by Wiktor Górka for the 1977 film The Hyena Sun written and directed by Ridha Behi and starring Mahmoud Moursy as Lamine. Plot summary: The traditional fishing culture in a Tunisian village is disrupted when a German construction company builds a beach resort there and most of the fishermen become construction workers. When the construction ends few of the fishermen are able to rebuild their former way of life.

Cast and crew: Ridha Behi, Wiktor Górka, Salah Benmoussa, Hélène Catzaras, El Ghazi, Tewfik Guiga, Habachi, Mohamed Jalali, Doghmi Larbi, Mohammed Mehdi, Mourad Methkal, Mahmoud Moursy, El Omari, Aicha Rachidi, Ahmed Snoussi, Moustapha Zaari

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