Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Divine Emma 1979 - Bozidara Turzonovová Polish poster

Divine Emma (1979) - (Bozidara Turzonovová) Polish poster

This is a 26" x 37" Polish poster designed by Andrzej Pagowski and K. Hoffmann to promote the 1979 Jirí Krejcík film The Divine Emma written by Jirí Krejcík and Zdenek Mahler and starring Bozidara Turzonovová as Ema Destinnová. Plot summary: This is a movie biography of the Czech opera star Emmy Destinn (1878-1930) who had careers both in Europe and in the United States. In World War I she was linked to the Czech resistance; after the war she was unable to resume her career in New York with the same standing, although she did continue to sing at the Met until 1920.

Cast and crew: Jirí Krejcík, Andrzej Pagowski, K. Hoffmann, Zdenek Mahler, Bozidara Turzonovová, Gabriela Benacková, Juraj Kukura, Juraj Kakura, Jirí Adamíra, Milos Kopecký, Josef Somr, Cestmir Randa, Josef Kemr, Václav Neuzil, Václav Lohniský, Karel Augusta, Vlastimil Bedrna, Milena Svobodová, Jana Smrcková, Frantisek Rehák

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