Thursday, April 26, 2018

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror 1968 Paul Naschy Italian four-sheet

Frankenstein's Bloody Terror (1963) - (Paul Naschy) Italian four-sheet

This is a two-piece 55" x 77" Italian four-sheet poster for the 1968 Enrique L. Equiluz film Frankenstein's Bloody Terror AKA The Mark of the Wolfman based on story and screenplay by Paul Naschy and starring Paul Naschy as Waldemar Daninsky. Plot summary: A man has become a werewolf and wants to be freed of his affliction, so he seeks help from a German doctor and his wife, but these two are not what they appear to be.

Cast and crew: Enrique López Eguiluz , Paul Naschy, Jacinto Molina, Dyanik Zurakowska, Manuel Manzaneque, Aurora de Alba, Julián Ugarte, José Nieto, Carlos Casaravilla, Ángel Menéndez, Antonio Jiménez Escribano, Rafael Alcántara, Juan Medina, Antonio Orengo, Ángela Rhu, Pilar Vela, Milagros Ceballos

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