Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Man from Nowhere 1966 Giuliano Gemma Italian locandina

Man from Nowhere (1966) - (Giuliano Gemma) Italian locandina

This is a 12.5" x 25.25" Italian locandina for the 1966 Michele Lupo spaghetti western Man from Nowhere AKA Arizona Colt based on a story by Ernesto Gastaldi and Luciano Martino, screenplay by Ernesto Gastaldi and starring Giuliano Gemma as Arizona Colt. Plot summary: Bandit Gordo [Fernando Sancho] frees a group of prisoners with an ultimatum that they must join his gang or die. Arizona Colt decides he will do neither and sets out for Blackstone Hill, the site of an upcoming Gordo robbery. After one of Gordo's men murders saloon girl Dolores [Rosalba Neri] Arizona tells her father Pete [Andrea Bosic] he will get the killer in exchange for $500 and Jane, [Corrine Marchand] Dolores's sister.

Cast and crew: Michele Lupo, Giuliano Gemma, Ernesto Gastaldi, Luciano Martino, Lewis Ciannelli, Fernando Sancho, Corinne Marchand, Nello Pazzafini, Andrea Bosic, Roberto Carmardiel, Mirko Ellis, Gérard Lartigau, Rosalba Neri, Pietro Tordi, José Manuel Martín, Gianni Solaro, Valentino Macchi, Renato Chiantoni, Tom Felleghy

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